EnviroBuilding System, LLC Designs, Supplies and Produces Turn Key Production Grow and Processing Extraction Built Environments

We know that you don’t like limitations in the Cannabis, HEMP and/or the Natural Organics industries. That is the reason why we bring you our Consulting, Environmental Design, Supply,  Build and Retrofit Services.

We Produce Pre-Engineered Steel Enclosed Warehouse Structures, Controlled Environment Greenhouse, and Signature Hybrid Greenhouse Options.

Benefits Include:

  •  Cost Effective Results

  •  Energy Efficient & Hygienically Maintainable

  •  Environmentally Responsible

  •  Sustainable Designs

  •  Top Production Grow and Extraction Processing Performance

Why Choose EnviroBuilding System?

  • Standing Seam Roof and Kynar Reflective Coated Steel Steel Roof & Panels

  • Structure Divided into Isolated Environments

  • Operations, Grow Production Canopy, Drying and Processing Extraction

  • 10+ year Experience Cannabis Artificial and Natural Environment Technologies

  • 8 mm Insulated “Softlight” Greenhouse Poly Carb Roof and Wall Cover Hybrid Greenhouse

  • FRP Restaurant Grade or Solar White Painted Steel Interior Wall Lining

  • EBS Hybrid Design will use only about a Half of the Energy vs. a Warehouse

  • R-30 Insulation

  • HVAC, CO2, Controls, Lighting, Plumbing, Irrigation, Grow Benches, Hydroponic/Soil, Water Purification and Light Deprivation Systems

  • Co2, Ethanol, and Cold Water Extraction

  • Specific Operations Training Included

  • All USA State License Compliant

  • Custom Consultation and Design by Request

Purchase, Lease Option to Buy or Lease Our CannaCondo's!

Featured Property: Castle Rock Business & Industrial Park http://castlerockbusinesspark.com

* Land Lease, Lease Option to Buy or Purchase

* 5,000 Sq.Ft. Canopy + 3,000 Sq.Ft. Production/Process Condo’s

* Full Controlled Environment or Enclosed Warehouse Designs Available

* Turn-Key, Fully Tooled and Equipped

* Financing Available

* Investment Inquiries Now Being Accepted

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Documented Return On Investment

Grow Industries, Jesse Elkins

Our mission is to provide complete production designs at fair and market competitive prices for cannabis cultivation. To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and customers. Overall, we strive to ensure the longevity of our company through repeat and referral business achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas including timeliness, attention to detail and cutting edge techniques and technology.

Our Systems


A&E, PE Steel Structure, Construction Management

Designed, Pre-Engineered, Supplied & Installed Turn Key Systems. We Put Investors On The Fastest Track Into Production Than Any Other Service On The Market.

Every PSBS building is composed of only the finest quality Red Iron, Galvanized Cold Formed structures using polycarbonate roofing and window panels in our hybrid greenhouse design. Custom pre-engineered metal buildings are modernizing construction because they are easy to construct and design options are incredibly versatile. We excel in this area because of our highly qualified designers, engineers and detail personnel, as well as our highly acclaimed customer service department which is well known throughout the industry.

Designed To Minimize Operation Costs and Maximize Production

Artificial Environment Control

With over a decade of specialized experience we are a professional and discreet Full Environmental Design and Project Management company for the production of Recreational and Medical Cannabis Nationwide.

  • Turn-Key Built Environments
  • Vegetation, Bloom & Dry Room Designs
  • Great Options that Fit Any Budget
  • Solutions for all of your growing needs

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Hemp Marijuana Greenhouse & Indoor Cannabis Grow Facility

GGS are expert manufacturers in marijuana greenhouse & indoor cannabis grow systems, covering marijuana structures, benches/tables, light dep, irrigation, heating/cooling, lighting, and computer controls.
Greenhouse Covering & FRP Walls

Light Depravation Systems

Metal Rolling Benches / Growing Tables for Commercial Marijuana

GGS rolling benches / growing tables are highly recommended for any commercial cannabis grow operation. They provide up to 50% more plant space by eliminating the need for a dedicated aisle. With a crop as valuable as marijuana, this directly equates to much higher profits and maximum space efficiency. GGS metal rolling benches are extremely durable and are custom built for your cannabis grow facility.

  • Marijuana benches/tables can either be stationary or rolling
  • Can be fabricated in expanded metal covering, ebb and flood trays, or irrigation troughs
  • The cannabis bench assembly is designed for easy installation
  • The snap together aluminum profiles and factory welded stands make your job easier
  • Mitred corners prevent workers or customers from ripping clothing

Greener Futures Electric, Inc.

Greener Futures Electric defines efficiency through design.  Each project provides challenges.  We start  with a defined plan to ensure not only an efficient lighting system, but also a problem free installation. 80 Grow projects under our belts and climbing.

Chill Mechanical, Inc.

We provide clients with:

  • Controlled humidity
  • Temperature regulation
  • Proper airflow
  • Odor control
  • Effective air filtration
  • Pressure control
  • Remote access, troubleshooting, adjustment, and archiving of all important data
  • Energy efficient design

With 20+ years experience and many grow project accomplished we are the right contractor to put on your team.

Spray Booths Northwest Internet Sales, LLC

Turn-Key Cannabis Extraction Room Complete Kit. Pre-engineered and shipped directly to you with ALL the necessary components to have a functioning, compliant C1D1 work space designed specifically for CO2 or Butane Extraction. Installation is available upon request. Our system will be added into planning prior to construction, or worked into existing operational facilities. Our design saves  thousands of dollars and months of time compared to the systems in the industry. Call us today for details.

CO2 & Other Extraction Options

Our System is as nature intended

Nature is involved the Polination of cannabis

Enviro Your Grow Op

OR Cannabis Grow Locations Available

Clatskanie, OR Farm

(4) 30'x120 Cannabis Structures Occupied
(5) being  retrofitted for lease, (2) Leased

HVAC Included, Full Tooling and Components inclusion negotiable.
New 10,000 SF Controlled Environment Warehouse Duplex Facility's under contract to be constructed this Spring
Greenhouse and/or Hybrid Controlled Environment Marijuana Process and Production Buildings available to build.

Over 50 Grow Experience Projects in Cannabis Grow Production and Processing Installations.
Turn-key Warehouse, Office/Production, Hybrid and Greenhouse Supply and Build Services
Architectural, Engineering, Foundations, Structures, HVAC, Electrical/Lighting, Plumbing, Install

Investors, Production Growers, and Processing Extractors Invited
Financing, Lease To Own and Facility Lease Options Available to Qualified Individuals and Business Owners
Lighting Energy Rebate Services and Lease to Own Financing

WA Cannabis Grow Locations Available

Buy, Land Lease or Lease Properties

Choose the layout that fits your needs and specifications. Our systems are perfect for any size cannabis grow operation. Our turn key component packages match up the square footage needed for your location. Custom Solutions are available as well.

We’re ready to meet with your organization and master your plan..

Productivity, Profitability & Efficiency.

We are here to support our customers every step of the way. We are proud to work with the industries top manufactures and distributors and aim to provide you with the highest quality components and grow systems to increase productivity, profitability & efficiency.

Marijuana Laws

The Cannabis Laws & Regulations can get a  little confusing and difficult to keep up with. When we find helpful information across the web we like to share it with our customers. We want to keep our solutions up to the highest quality and standards.


Select the color the fits your surroundings. 

Enviro Solutions

Vision, Options, Execution. Many of us have visions of what we want to accomplish, but do we sit down and consider the various options, strategies and techniques we can employ to get there? We think we would agree that there is usually more than one way to accomplish almost everything, but we need to figure out which path leads to the result you desire with the least amount of resistance. Too often, we’re guilty of looking at the challenge before we instead of looking at the end result.

Efficient Building Solutions

We pride ourselves on providing cost effective and energy efficient growing solutions to our customers with the lowest carbon footprint. We will continue to bring you the most cutting edge building solutions and growing components on the market.

Interested in Aquaponics?

  1. a system of aquaculture in which the waste produced by farmed fish or other aquatic animals supplies nutrients for plants grown hydroponically, which in turn purify the water.
    “thanks to its automatic recirculating system, aquaponics does not require much monitoring or measuring”

Advantages of Polycarbonate

Excellent impact resistance and strength at low and high temperatures. Available in visually clear grades. Good heat strength.

  • Flame Retardant
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Mold Release, Good
  • Lubricated
  • Dimensional Stability, Good
  • Impact Resistance, Good
  • Processability, Good
  • Heat Resistance, High
  • Viscosity, Medium

Growing Tips & Tricks

Have you ever smoked weed that knocks your socks off? The kind of buds that people brag/warn their friends about?

Yeah, the really really good stuff.

The truth is, you can successfully grow cannabis with very little effort, make a ton of mistakes, and still harvest weed that does the job.

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Cannabis Branding & Internet Marketing

Need a Website, Branding or Marketing?

Myfacelocal.com provides professional design and marketing assistance to our network of customers in the industry. Reach out to them and mention you found us here for your Friends & Family discount.

Looking for Property?

We have property’s that are zoned and ready for construction thanks to our partner Metana Realty.