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Marijuana Economics: Oregon/Washington State Line Price War?

Posted by Johnny Green at Weed Blog on January 3, 2016 Marijuana Business News

There are four states that have legalized recreational marijuana (and D.C.!) so far in America. Those of course are Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. Colorado was the first to allow recreational marijuana sales (January 2014), followed by Washington (July 2014), and then Oregon (limited sales began October 2015). Alaska is still working out their rules, and Washington D.C. doesn’t allow sales (just possession, cultivation,and distribution for no consideration).

Colorado is usually the first place that people look to when it comes to recreational marijuana industry statistics and facts, and rightfully so since it was the first place to allow sales and is considered by most to be the ‘top state’ for marijuana. However, there’s something particularly intriguing about Washington and Oregon to me. Unlike Colorado and Alaska, Washington and Oregon both share a border with another legal recreational state (each other, obviously).

By Al

Indoor Grows Could Prove Costly

Article from Marijuana Business Daily

December 23, 2015

Medical marijuana dispensary investors and owners in Hawaii could be required to spend millions of dollars on construction and utilities because the state’s interim business rules require that cannabis cultivation be indoors, The Garden Island News reported.

Having to grow indoors may force dispensary owners to recoup the additional costs with a product price increase, said Jud McRoberts, a dispensary project leader on the island of Kauai.